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Mary Nack
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Your Trusted Advisors In Residential Real Estate Since 1981

 We aspire to be the trusted advisors for all of our clients' real estate needs.

Have a real estate question? Call us! We will help you in any way that we can.

Trusted Advisors:  Our commitment is to listen and truly understand what is most important to you. We are your advocates throughout your entire real estate transaction. We help you to understand the strategies and investment implications of the decisions you make.

Valued Relationships:  We are committed to building life-long relationships with our clients. As a client you represent a lifetime of transactions and referrals. Some of our clients have been with us for over 20 years! Our core operating principle is "do the right thing!"

Experienced Real Estate Resource:  Licensed as an agent in 1981, I have owned The M Nack Team Inc since 1997 successfully representing thousands of clients in my career.  Having an experienced guide to help you avoid the pitfalls of a transaction is invaluable. I have personally bought, sold and invested in many real estate deals myself. There are not a lot of real estate mistakes to be made that I have not made personally and from which I am able to steer you away. 

In addition, we have available to you as a resource an extensive network of service providers that share our philosophy of doing business. You can view these in our Referral Directory .

Working By Referral  

A time-honored tradition becomes a new way of doing business.

Working by referral means...

  • That I make a commitment to listen to my client's needs and pay special attention to the details of their transactions.
  • That my clients:
    • Allow me to provide for all of their real estate needs; and
    • Consistently refer their friends, family and business associates to me - knowing that they can feel confident about the high level of service I will provide. 
  • Most agents spend 70%-80% of their time looking for new business. My business grows because of my clients' advocacy -  allowing me to focus on clients' needs instead.

Our Mission Statement: 

We are a "Force For Good". We contribute to the dream of quality, affordable home-ownership by following these 3 basic tenets of our "Hedgehog Concept ".

  1. We are passionate about real estate.

  2. We create lasting relationships and serve as trusted advisors.

  3. The success of the individual drives the success of the team.
Our Core Values: 


Do the right thing!


Time is our most precious resource. Time does not equal money - time equals life. Success is balancing work with personal relationships, leisure time, personal growth and spirituality.


Doing work we love. The journey is the goal. Working with people and projects because they are enjoyable, not just because they will make us money. (Corollary: "If it ain't fun, we don't do it.")


We treasure differences and diversity in people.


A commitment to develop lasting relationships with clients, agents, co-workers and staff.


  1. Being a giver, not a taker - wanting to make a contribution.
  2. Being a team player - networking, referring, contributing.
  3. A supportive and helping attitude.


A commitment to learning and growing.


The ability to change, be open-minded and to adapt when necessary.


Pro-actively seeking ways to improve.


  1. Consistent service to our clients.
  2. Attention to detail - not letting things "slip between the cracks".
  3. A commitment to excellence - striving for error-free transactions.
  4. Taking personal responsibility for mistakes, regardless of who is to blame.


Gauging the effectiveness of marketing strategies based on results - keeping an eye on the bottom line.


Mary Nack
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